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Trent L. Strauss is a filmmaker specializing in slasher films, which he prefers to call "extreme cinema."

He was brought up in an affluent family, which emotionally distanced him from other children in his community, an experience which informed his protagonist in The Tool Belt Killer.

He is believed to have died during Mother 13's ill-fated 2006 Mount Everest expedition, which he was following to document on film; A reported sighting in Barcelona has not been verified.

He was posthumously awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Southern Persia.

Strauss' son Vince has aspirations to follow in his footsteps.


Face Peelers

Face Peelers 2

Face Peelers 3

Face Peelers 4

Face Peelers 6

Entrails 2: The Gouging

Doctor Sleaze

Nurse Sleaze

The Hacksawist

You're Soaking in Her

Blood Puddles

Blood Puddles 2: The Oozing

The Ooze 3: Coach Fannel's Revenge

Splattered Dreams

The Kidney Thieves

It's Raining Membranes

Art School Arsonist

It Eats


Cub Scout Serial Killer

Boy Scout Serial Killer

Webelos Serial Killer

Girl Scout Serial Killer

Brownie Serial Killer

Gut Bomb 2003

Hang the D.J.

The Man in the Iron Cummerbund


Ill Postino

Sunday Bloody Sundae

I Saw, You Die

The Tool Belt Killer